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Do you have questions about what kind of paint you should use? We have listed a few of the most common questions we get asked below. For other questions about painting, us, or what our services include, feel free to give us a call

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Q: What kind of paint should I use in high-traffic areas?

A: An eggshell finish is a good choice in high-traffic areas because it is washable.

Q: Can I paint vinyl siding?

A: Yes, but it is not advisable to paint your vinyl siding a darker color than its original color. Darker paint will expand and contract at a different rate than the lighter siding, and this may cause the vinyl to warp.

Q: Can paint that has frozen still be used?

A: Yes. Most paints are designed to withstand multiple freeze/thaw cycles. If the paint looks like a fresh, unfrozen can of the same product, then it is safe to use.

Q: What colors tend to fade the fastest outside?

A: All exterior paints eventually lose some of their color, but organic colors (greens and blues) tend to fade faster than inorganic colors (browns and yellows).

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